General Information

In this site you will find current information for all of the classes I teach at SJDC. You can stay current on written assignments, lab assignments and track your grades. I try and keep the class webpages up to date, but please note that information given out in class will always take precedence over what is online.  It is your responsibility to know material covered in class, even if you miss a class.  You must find out what you missed – preferably from a classmate, or by emailing me if this fails – and then master the material yourself. Please read the class syllabus before asking me about due dates, grading policies, test dates, etc. If you find any errors in this website I would appreciate you letting me know.

I check my email and voice mail frequently so getting in touch with me is easy. If I’m not in my office during my posted office hours, you can usually find me in Holt 105. If my office hours don’t work with your schedule, we can arrange an alternate time. Please make an appointment to see me if you are having any problems pertaining to a class.

notesContact Information:
Office Hours: M-W 9:30-11 AM T-TH 11-12 PM
Location: Holt 412
Phone: (209) 954-5214

Some tips on being a successful college student

  • It may be obvious but, attend your classes and don’t be late. If you are absent from a class, make sure you find out what you missed. Missing classes means you’ll likely miss material that may not be covered in your text. Also, some instructors will drop you after a certain number of absences.
  • Do all of the work required in your classes. Most instructors grade on multiple categories (exams, homework, quizzes, etc.) If you are doing all the work, it’s unlikely one poor exam will result in failing the course.
  • Don’t miss homework assignments because you think you already know the material or because it’s not weighted as heavily as exams. Homework assignments are generally designed to help you comprehend concepts related to exams. For most students, there is usually a direct correlation between poor exam scores and how much homework they completed.
  • Plan your schedule out for each semester. Make sure you have adequate time to study for each class. Expect 2 hours of studying per hour in class. If you’re working, make sure you don’t take on too many units. It is better to pass 2 classes than to fail 4.
  • Be clear about the requirements and expectations for each of your classes. if your instructor has planned out test dates, make sure you have those dates clear. If you have a legitimate conflict, let your instructor know early.
  • Don’t quit if you get behind. Sometimes you can catch up over time and even do some extra credit. Get to know your professors, and if you don’t understand something, make arrangements to meet with them during their office hours.
  • This is another obvious one, but worth mentioning. Stay healthy and get plenty of rest. You can’t perform at your best when you don’t take care of your body.