Music 3A

Music 3A is the first class of a four semester sequence for music majors.  Topics will include: notation, major and minor scales, composing melodies, triads and seventh chords, counterpoint, four-part diatonic harmony, non-harmonic tones and diatonic aural skills.

I try and keep the online information current for this class, but please keep in mind that assignments and exam dates given out in class will always take precedence over what is posted online. This web site is not meant to replace what takes place in the classroom.

Syllabus – Fall 2016

Midterm Review Sheet

Video Theory Midterm Review

Written Final Review Sheet

Final Review Video  – Somebody told me I made a mistake at around 22:00 minutes.  I mistakingly got two intervals flip-flopped.  B to E is a P4 and B down to F# is a P4.  See what happens when you rush?