Music 8

Please make sure you read the syllabus carefully and make a note of concert report deadlines and exam dates. Make sure you set aside time to attend the required concerts. If you know that you’ll have a problem attending the concerts, than you should consider another class. Experiencing live jazz is an important part of this class and missing the concert reports will make it impossible to pass with a C or better. My contact information is in the syllabus and on the home page of this site.

Fall Syllabus 2014

WWNorton StudySpace for “Jazz – Essential Listening” – This site contains study material for each chapter including outlines, terms and recordings.

Concert Report Guidelines

Ken Burns Jazz (Gumbo)

Demo mp3 files

Final Paper Handout – Note:  the links in the handout don’t work, but they are listed below.

Sample Report I found on the internet.  This is not necessarily a great paper, but it gives you an idea about how to write one.  This was not one of my students.

You can find the class ID and password on the Lab Assignments page.  Remember, this page is password protected.

Attendance is critical and weekly lab assignments are a significant part of your grade. You will be required to attend the lab each week in Holt 105 for 30 minutes. The listening assignments are important because there will be audio questions on all exams. It’s a good idea to follow the listening guides in your textbook when they are available.

IMPORTANT: Please do not be late for class. Often times I lock the door 5 when class starts.

  • Instructor:  Aaron Garner
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (209) 954-5214
  • Office Hours: M 9:30-11 AM and T-Th 11-12
  • Office Location: Holt 412

Video on how to create a account and upload a paper.  Click Here for video.  (Please note that this video was made for another class and the course ID and password are different for this class.

Turninit Assignment

 Study Guides

Exam 1 Study Guide – (9/4) – Bring a 50W Scantron and #2 pencil.

Exam 2 Study Guide – (10/2) – Bring a 50W Scantron and #2 pencil – please do not bend the form.

Exam 3 Study Guide – (10/28) – Bring a 50W Scantron and #2 pencil – please do not bend the form.

Exam 4 Study Guide – (12/2) – Bring a 50W Scantron and #2 pencil – please do not bend the form.

FINAL EXAM – download the exam and fill in the answers on a 50W Scantron form.  Bring the form to the final (Thursday 8:00 AM).  There will be a short listening part covering the music for the last two labs.